Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Tech NewsJun 10 2013Comments Off on Mac Pro

Today at WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference) Phil Schiller unveiled the brand new Mac Pro.

With one little machine come many revolutionary features. First, and most importantly from a human rights standpoint, it will be made completely in the United States.

Second, it will take up much less space than predecessors, and will have 2.5x the processing capability.

Third, it will come in a variety of colors but has a motion sensor so it will light up at night when it recognizes motion.

There are a few drawbacks with the new design, although they will not sway many. Box shaped PCs, while not as sleek, fit into corners and spaces more easily. Also, advanced PC users may have concerns about upgrading the machine, and space allotments within the machine.

However, overall, the machine is beautiful and powerful–just what we’ve come to expect from Apple. They’ve proven wrong those who said there was no room for innovation.